Started in 1988 by Scott Anderson in his back garden before moving to their present location in California. Anderson surfboards and the glassing factory Aquatech have made over 20,000 top end amateur and professional surfboards and longboards using only the latest materials and techniques.

We sell to dealers as well as direct to the customer. But be aware that we prefer you, the individual customer, to shop at your local surf shop. In the end, it will be cheaper since dealers usually order several boards at a time. This reduces per board shipping costs. So give them a call and tell them you’d like them to carry our boards. There’s a free T-Shirt and hat in it for you if you find us a new dealer in a location that is not already canvassed by us (corroborate this with the dealer, OK?).

We use only first rate materials and experienced craftsmen (and women) whose crafts have been praised by leaders in the industry. Take a trip to Malibu and stop by Surfrider Beach. Walk through the break in the wall at the south end of the parking lot. Look to the left and look to the right. You’ll see surfboards galore propped on the famous Malibu wall. You will observe that most of them are Anderson Surfboards.

This is not a fluke. All the best surfers at Malibu (the heart and soul of classic longboarding, and one of the best breaks in the world for shortboarding ) surf Andersons.

Yes, we sponsor several of the hottest surfers, and they surf Malibu. In fact, they surf all over the world. But they have come to us, not the reverse. They have borrowed their friends’ Andersons and found that they perform so much better than what they’re riding.

That’s how we get our loyal following. These things are pointed out, not to chest thump, but to emphasize that we have paid our dues. We are not fly-by-night. We are genuine and want you to know that quality comes at quite a cost. We have paid that cost, hoping you the customer will appreciate the effort that has gone into it. So check us out and see if we’re all that. We want to be your board-maker. We want to make you happy, because a loyal customer is most importantly our friend.